‘Cafeteair’ hot beverage brand mock up – Coffee packaging

Packaging/Branding/Logo design

Self initiated coffee packaging brief and mock up.


  • Hand drawn in Photoshop via wacom tablet.


Create a brand name and original packaging illustration and mock up for a new coffee or tea brand.

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Packaging design


I invented the brand name Cafeteair to give potential for both coffee and tea products but designed my pack for a ‘gourmet’ coffee product. The logo is bold and decorative and allows for colour changes to differentiate products and strengths, whereas the similarly decorative coffee bean background is muted in comparison to make the logo clearly stand out. As well as changes in logo colour, the background colours are altered to lighter shades to represent the differing coffee strengths. The final design is original, quirky, bold and polished giving a unique quality feel.



  • Hand drawn in photoshop via wacom tablet.