I’m an English artist and illustrator now settled and based in France with my wife, and two young boys. I specialise in digitally hand drawn surface design for boardsport industries and products, providing brands and shop owners with an unconventional, detailed and striking style of illustration designed to demand attention and engage their customers.

I’ve also illustrated for album covers, posters, book covers, apparel and product labels and I’m always open to new and interesting opportunities. So don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a particular project you’d like to discuss.

As well as commission based illustration I also create prints of my personal works for exhibition and sale. Limited edition art prints and skateboards are available from my online shop.

My work is largely inspired by the fantastical and the peculiar – strange creatures, both real and imaginary, off-kilter music, warped humour and surreal psychedelic art… plus a fair bit of daydreaming and an obsessive passion for intricate detail.


“Completely blown away by the artwork, interpretation and all round skill and genius. Tim, you listened to the guidelines I gave and brought it to life…and quite a way beyond what I had hoped for. You’ve been the glue, nay SUPERGLUE, that has seen through a project…”
Pat – Jolter Press

“It was a pleasure working with Tim…I wanted something fun and unique for my product that would stand out from the other more traditional designs…I couldn’t be happier with the result. Perfect!”
Jean-Paul Couton – Bee Keeper

“Absolutely supreme job on our album artwork! Bizarre, crazy detail and really in your face! Completely sums up our music – can’t fault it!”
Matt Jones – Musician

“Tim was really great to work with. He’s fun and approachable yet professional and highly attentive to detail with an obvious desire to please…Tim managed to encompass everything we discussed and a lot more…we would highly recommend him to anyone requiring great quality illustration and added value.”
Veronique Ferreira – Head Teacher L’ecole Bilingue


I’m a self taught artist born and raised in the north west of England. Passionate about drawing from a young age, early inspiration came from comic books, skateboard graphics and my love of music and illustrated album covers.

I lost focus on drawing during my late teens as my passion for music grew stronger and I obsessively followed my musical creative dreams, while also gaining a degree in chemistry.

Moving to London, I continued my musical endeavours, started a family and gained a substantial working background in the Pharmaceutical industry. But I was never content with the scientific path I had somehow stumbled into, so behind the scenes I began avidly self training in graphic design and related software and re-ignited my passion for drawing. I then eventually blended the two to forge my style as a digital illustrator.

I now live happily in France with my family, attempting to carve out a living working full time in the curious world of illustration.


06th/07th September 2014 (Record Store Day)
Secret 7″ 2014 – 10 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DD

21st June 2015
Norwich Art Car Boot Fair – Redwell Brewery, Trowse Millgate, Norwich

20th October 2015 (exhibiting through to December 2015)
Back to the Future Day Event @ Exit Music For A Drink – 4 bis Rue Bodinier, Angers, France

03rd December 2015 to 31st January 2016
Exhibition @ Les Boissons Rouges, Segré, France

14th April to 13th May 2016
Exhibition @ Exit Music For A Drink – 4 bis Rue Bodinier, Angers, France

21st May 2016
Print/skateboard stand at Centrale 7 10th Anniversary exhibition/event – Nyoiseau, France.


Winner of Boardpusher.com Traditional Tattoo Art Competition – April 2014

Boardpusher.com featured decks – February 2016

Winner of Enuff skateboards 10th anniversary deck design competition – June 2016

Boardpusher.com featured deck – July 2016


For proposals and commission enquiries, please send a project description via email or the form below. General questions and comments also welcomed!

Email: tim@timnaish.co.uk


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