Tim Naish is an English visual artist and illustrator based in France.



Tim specialises in providing striking graphic art for merchandising, aiming primarily at music and boardsports industries, with an intriguing and unconventionally detailed digitally hand drawn illustration style designed to stand out from norm and DEMAND ATTENTION!

His unique brand of unusually decorative hand drawn digital illustration has been used for board graphics, t-shirts, album covers and posters as well attracting interest for use on bar signs, illustrated logos, product labels and personally commissioned artworks.

Everyone wants an engaged audience and Tim’s curious and deliciously detailed illustrations can help YOU get that.



Tim’s is a self taught artist from the northwest of England, now living in France.

After escaping from the science industry, he was clearly affected by his chemical overexposure, becoming compelled to obsessively fill spaces with his decoratively warped visions.

Taking early inspiration from the likes of illustrated album covers, old school skateart, and comics, Tim’s personal artwork often centres around the reoccurring theme of ‘The Underground Merry-go-round’ – A self invented fluid and fantastical psychedelic universe comprised of curious metamorphosing lifeforms, living together in a constant state of oppression and conflict.

His comically striking and peculiarly detailed otherworldly scenes invite the viewer to look further into the image to discover the numerous hidden visual stories and characters.

Oddly dark, strangely amusing.

Nonsense that makes perfect sense.

For both his commercial and personal work Tim’s creative aim is to try and live up to The Underground Merry-go-round definition:


  • feasibly one of the most difficult words in the english language to define plainly and simply, particularly without using it in the definition.


  • a group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime.
  • a media genre intended for an elite audience, that is often characterized by its high levels of originality and experimentation, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream media


  • Just a continuous fun, fun ride!


With this in mind Tim creates unique artwork for exhibition and sale while also offering his illustration services to like minded folk who want to go against the status quo and attract attention to their products.

This Promo Video explains all.



Also a musician and the founder, composer and artworker for the group The Animal Objective, strong links exist between much of Tim’s personal artwork and music with each strongly influencing the other. To find out more, or to hear music spawned from the same wonderfully twisted universe as Tim’s illustrations, visit the following links:

The Animal Objective – FACEBOOK

The Animal Objective – YOUTUBE

The Animal Objective – BANDCAMP



Enuff Skateboards – UK
Demon Seed Skateboards – USA
Humanoid Wakeboards – USA
Thrive Snowboards – USA
GC Boarding – France


Hellfest Productions – France
The Evil Odds – UK
The Animal Objective – France
Gentlemen of Largesse – UK


Laser Percussion – Animation/Teambuilding, France
V and B Segré – Wine and Beer shop, France
Lance Pool Bar – France
La Maison de Vincent – Boutique, France
L’ecole Bilingue – UK
Jolter Press – Cider production, UK
Jean-Paul Couton – Beekeeper, France


“Completely blown away by the artwork, interpretation and all round skill and genius. Tim, you listened to the guidelines I gave and brought it to life…and quite a way beyond what I had hoped for. You’ve been the glue, nay SUPERGLUE, that has seen through a project…”
Pat – Jolter Press

“It was a pleasure working with Tim…I wanted something fun and unique for my product that would stand out from the other more traditional designs…I couldn’t be happier with the result. Perfect!”
Jean-Paul Couton – Bee Keeper

“Absolutely supreme job on our album artwork! Bizarre, crazy detail and really in your face! Completely sums up our music – can’t fault it!”
Matt Jones – Musician

“Tim was really great to work with. He’s fun and approachable yet professional and highly attentive to detail with an obvious desire to please…Tim managed to encompass everything we discussed and a lot more…we would highly recommend him to anyone requiring great quality illustration and added value.”
Veronique Ferreira – Head Teacher L’ecole Bilingue


September 2014 (Record Store Day)
Secret 7″ 2014 – 10 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DD

June 2015
Norwich Art Car Boot Fair – Redwell Brewery, Trowse Millgate, Norwich

October 2015 (exhibiting through to December 2015)
Back to the Future Day Event @ Exit Music For A Drink – 4 bis Rue Bodinier, Angers, France

December 2015/January 2016
Exhibition @ Les Boissons Rouges, Segré, France

April/May 2016
Exhibition @ Exit Music For A Drink – 4 bis Rue Bodinier, Angers, France

May 2016
Print/skateboard stand at Centrale 7 10th Anniversary exhibition/event – Nyoiseau, France.

Dec 2016
Joint Exhibition @ Les Boissons Rouges, Segré, France

June 2017
Exhibition @ Le Guidon – Niafles, France

Mar 2018
Exhibition @ MyJob – Montauban, France

Aug 2018
Exhibition @ La Salle de la Maison de la Cour – Givrand, France

Aug/Sep 2018
Exhibition @ The Glassy House – Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France

Sep 2018
Exhibition @ Exit Music For A Drink – 4 bis Rue Bodinier, Angers, France

1st/2nd Dec 2018
Centrale 7 Xmas market @ Les Boissons Rouges, Segré, France

Dec 2018
Exhibition @ Track n’Art – Nantes, France

Feb 22nd – 24th 2019
Festival Rustine – Craon, France

March 2019
Exhibition @ Le Chat Noir – Nantes, France

April 2019
Exhibition @ Le Sauvage – Nantes, France

May 2019
Exhibition @ Caf K – Nantes, France

June 2019
Exhibition @ Live Bar – Nantes, France

Sep 7th/8th 2019
Exhibition @ L’Art est aux Nefs – Nantes, France

Sep 15th 2019
Exhibition @ V and B Festival Village – Craon, France

Oct 25th 2019
Exhibition @ La Grange On Stage, St Mathurin sur Loire, Maine-et-Loire, France

Oct 26th 2019
Exhibition @ Bar Broc, Pré-en-Pail-Saint-Samson, Mayenne, France

Dec 5th 2019
Exhibition @ MyJob, Toulouse, France

Mar 27th 2020
Exhibition @ Centrale 7, Nyoiseau, France


Winner of Boardpusher.com Traditional Tattoo Art Competition – April 2014

Boardpusher.com featured decks – February 2016

Winner of Enuff skateboards 10th anniversary deck design competition – June 2016

Boardpusher.com featured deck – July 2016


For proposals and commission enquiries, please get in touch via email or the form below. General questions and comments also welcomed!

Email: tim@timnaish.co.uk