Cider label – Cardiacs Core cider


Illustration and label design for a special Cardiacs inspired craft cider label in collaboration with Forest of Dean Cider producers Jolter Press.

Cardiacs are an amazing and indefinable English band with a devoted cult following (of which I am one). This limited edition cider was produced for a fundraiser concert/event being held to raise money for the leader of the band, who suffered a heart attack and stroke back in 2008 and is still battling to recover.



  • Hand drawn in photoshop via wacom tablet.


Illustration for craft cider label named CORE.

MUSTS – ‘Classic Cardiacs’ feel to the label. The name ‘CORE’ must be on there at the top with ‘medium-sweet sparkling cider’ at the bottom. Logo from album ‘A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window’ to be included with a strategically placed tree with red apples.

OTHER INFO AND SUGGESTED IDEAS: Initial name idea was… A LITTLE MAN AND A HOUSE AND AN APPLE TREE – green background, yellow/gold lettering, red apples on the tree. Brown tree trunk with branch and leaves effect. The bottle cap is be red.


After some discussion I worked on some rough ideas, toying with how to best capture the main tree image and also include the ‘man’ and ‘house’ from the album logo. Once I was happy with a suitable layout where the tree sufficiently prominent, I further worked the tree to make it more interesting. I incorporated Tim Smith’s face into the tree trunk with the branches sprouting from his head to add some humour and further relevance. I traced letters from the classic hand drawn Cardiacs logo, chopping and changing them as necessary to come up with the CORE logo. My suggestion to use the initial name idea as a tag line was accepted so I planted this on a red banner to bring some colour consistency with the red apples and red bottle cap – the banner also allowed the CORE logo to be better placed into the composition of the design. I played around with the suggested colours slightly to give what I felt was a more effective final draft, which was happily agreed and accepted by the client.

In addition I offered my services to layout the information on the side tabs and complete the label design to help ensure the elements complimented the main illustration. Finally I prepared the image for print.




Pat – Jolter Press, craft cider producer (Project: Cardiacs fundraiser cider label illustration and design)

“Truly gobsmacked – very very stunned!
Completely blown away by the artwork, interpretation and all round skill and genius. Tim, you listened to the guidelines I gave and brought it to life…and quite a way beyond what I had hoped for. You’ve been the glue, nay SUPERGLUE, that has seen through a project… that is AS FLIPPING GOOD AS IT REALLY COULD POSSIBLY BE!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! And then the minutiae of detail in the final label design. So brilliantly done. Really can’t thank you enough. Oh… and you’re so easy to work with… just mega. You came up with something I’m really proud to be associated with and opened my flippin eyes! They’re gonna look stunning on the bottles!”