Guitar Artwork Project

For this project I took an old Gibson Epiphone guitar of mine that had seen better days and been collecting dust under the bed for many years. The idea was to create a personalised ‘The Underground Merry-go-round’ artwork piece from it while also making a few necessary repairs to give it a new lease of life and make it playable again for use in my band The Animal Objective.

I first stripped it down to wood to create the desired canvas.

Front, back and sides were then sketched with pencil before inking with black biro and shading with black carbon pencil. The artwork was fixed with polyurethane aerosol spray then finished with homemade wipe on polyurethane (50/50 polyurethane vanish/white spirit) to give the aged, oiled wood look I was after.


  • Hand drawn on guitar using black ink biro and black carbon pencil.

Finished Guitar







Initial guitar/stripping process/bare sanded body and neck