Saw Into My Head – Artwork


100cm x 70cm personal artwork inspired by the song Barry Cat Paw by The Animal Objective.

Available as a Limited Edition signed digital art print (edition of 10) in my online shop.

Theme: A reoccurring theme in many of my personal illustrations is that of the of The Underground Merry-go-round – A fluid, fantastical world of curious, metamorphosing lifeforms, living together in a constant state of oppression and conflict. I also use this theme within my musical project The Animal Objective where surreal and twisted stories from The Underground Merry-go-round are recounted in the form of songs. Sometimes the artworks inspire the songs and sometimes the songs inspire the artworks.

This piece illustrates the peculiar effects caused by inhalation of pollen from the Barry Cat Paw plant found seasonally spewing it’s spores in certain areas of The Underground Merry-go-round world. The tasty salt and vinegar flavoured spores are a temptation too strong for some, who intentionally seek out these rare plants, unaware of the dangers. With no antidote yet known, minds and bodies are instantly altered, causing nightmarish dreams and rapid, abnormal metamorphosis, eventually driving victims to a rabid-like state of self harm and suicide.


  • Hand drawn in photoshop via wacom tablet.