Strange Brew Mini Series – Artwork


Potential skateboard graphics.

Artwork mini-series available as a 22cm x 57cm signed digital art prints in my online shop.

Theme: A reoccurring theme in many of my personal illustrations is that of the of The Underground Merry-go-round – A fluid, fantastical world of curious, metamorphosing lifeforms, living together in a constant state of oppression and conflict. I also use this theme within my musical project The Animal Objective where surreal and twisted stories from The Underground Merry-go-round are recounted in the form of songs. Sometimes the artworks inspire the songs and sometimes the songs inspire the artworks.

These pieces illustrate why thirsty Underground Merry-go-round inhabitants should not source their body lubricating liquids from unknown waters. Living liquid is rife in The Underground Merry-go-round and it doesn’t take kindly to being ingested.

An as yet untitled song inspired by these artworks is currently being composed for The Animal Objective.



  • Hand drawn in photoshop via wacom tablet.