Strange Creatures – Secret 7″ 2014


7″ single cover artwork exhibited as part of Secret 7″ 2014.

Secret 7″ is a yearly exhibition held for charity where artists are invited to submit cover designs from a choice of 7 songs chosen by Secret 7″. The artwork should not contain the artist or song name so that it is kept a secret. Successful submissions (100 for each song) are printed up as 7″ single covers (containing the relevant single) and exhibited for sale, with the money going to the chosen charity for that year’s event.

I chose the song Strange Creatures by Jake Bugg as this inspired me the most out of the 7 song choices.


  • Pencil sketch, scanned and then inked, coloured and further detailed in Photoshop via wacom tablet.


Single cover on display at Secret 7″ exhibition 2014: