The Evil Odds album cover artwork – Mythic


Artwork for the sadly never completed debut album ‘Mythic’ by underground alternative noise band The Evil Odds.



  • Pencil sketch, scanned and then inked, coloured and further detailed in Photoshop via wacom tablet.


Illustration for album cover for a band who’s music is loud, fast noisy and very scattered with lyrics that are a blend of slapstick horror and comically surreal imagery – the image needs to mirror this. Make it busy and fill the whole cover if possible, including the band and album names within the image but without them being overly prominent.


I opted for a standout main image in white on a black background with a pale blue colour used only to shade the imagery to add further depth and effectively lift it from the background. Use of bold black line work gives a comic like feel and the dark, detailed and bizarre inter-tangled content images the bands scattered, noisy music and humorously dark and surreal content. This is furthered by the detailed dark grey imagery, which also incorporates the band name and title, which is subtly blended into the background to fill out the cover while still allowing the main image to stand out.



Matt Jones – Musician (The Evil Odds)

“Absolutely supreme job on our album artwork! Bizarre, crazy detail and really in your face! Completely sums up our music – can’t fault it! Crying shame that the band split before the album was completed. I did at least get myself a damn fine t-shirt though and The Evil Odds will rise again, album art and all!”