The Underground Merry-go-round skateboard series

Skateboard Graphics

A series of 5 personal artworks available as very Limited Edition (5 of each illustration) signed, high quality, heat transfer printed skateboard decks – contact me for enquiries.

Theme: A reoccurring theme in many of my personal illustrations is that of the of The Underground Merry-go-round – A fluid, fantastical world of curious, metamorphosing lifeforms, living together in a constant state of oppression and conflict. I also use this theme within my musical project The Animal Objective where surreal and twisted stories from The Underground Merry-go-round are recounted in the form of songs. Sometimes the artworks inspire the songs and sometimes the songs inspire the artworks.

Board 1 – ‘Free Your Mind’ inspired by the song Sanitise by The Animal Objective, illustrates the ‘big bang’ origination of The Underground Merry-go-round world.

Board 2 – ‘The Barefoot King and Barefaced Queen’ inspired by the song The Animal Objective by The Animal Objective, illustrates the overseeing rulers of The Underground Merry-go-round world. The pompous one eyed Barefoot King sports his crown of minions to parade his power, while the Barefaced Queen of many eyes keeps a firm watch over the unruly common Underground Merry-go-round folk.

Board 3 – ‘Power to the Freaks’ illustrates the unsavoury uprising of the common occupants of The Underground Merry-go-round world, clearly unhappy with the orange that they received as an annual festive gift from their stingy rulers. A as yet untitled song inspired by this piece is currently being composed for The Animal Objective.

Board 4 – ‘Love is in La Mer and in La Terre’ inspired by the song Snort Crack Whores by The Animal Objective, illustrates party time in The Underground Merry-go-round where things are getting frisky. The temptresses are out to play and gambling and general debauchery are rife.

Board 5 – ‘Let’s Laugh at the Genepool’ inspired by the song Jennifer Jerry Wars by The Animal Objective, illustrates a particular movement of fun loving Underground Merry-go-round folk in search of constant merriment. Taking nothing too seriously, ignorance is bliss to these fellows as they hide away from their oppressive surroundings and laugh it up. It won’t be so funny when the Barefaced Queen finds them.


  • Hand drawn in photoshop via wacom tablet.