Following an art submission call out for potential inclusion in the latest live album Fever 121614 from the fantastic avant-garde rock/pop/noise outfit that is Deerhoof, I excitedly rush submitted an illustration having only spotted the call out two days before deadline. It was included (albeit in a very cropped, buried and obscured way) alongside other fan submissions as part of a of multi-illustration collage in a gate-fold album cover.

Amusingly it took me 10 minutes after scanning and zooming in to find evidence of my picture once I bought a copy of the album, but it’s there along with my name on the credits and – taking small pleasures where I can – that’s enough for me to make claim to having my work on the album cover of one of my favourite bands Hurrah! Double bonus that the album is great too! But that was expected.


deerhoof_coverhighlight_tim-naish deerhoof_coverhighlight2_tim-naish deerhoof_coverhighlight3_tim-naish