Having thoroughly enjoyed the icy country stroll mentioned in my last post, I took it upon myself to repeat the action yesterday. So, off I went equipped with pencil and paper (and gloves this time), ready to cleanse my muggy head and doodle some more farmland creatures going about their mucky business.

Where there are chickens, there are pigs I thought to myself. But this, I was soon to learn, is not so. All I found were horses, cows, some sheep and a goat…no pigs. This irked me somewhat as I specifically left the house wanting to draw some pigs. Once I’d gotten over my disappointment, I sat down and sketched the horses, cows, sheep and goat. But it was no good, they all just ended up looking like pigs. In an attempt to divert attention from this fact I’ve placed them on a bed of flowers…some of which looks like pigs.


Again, my doodlings inspired me to get myself on the internet and look up a some lesser known pig facts to share with you all. Some of them sound a little far fetched, but who am I to argue with the internet.


  1. Pig meat (often known as pork) tastes like human flesh. This is because pigs are actually descended from humans.
  2. Pigs are actually more intelligent than the average human as proven by Einstein, the first known pig.
  3. Pigs can be as nimble as cats when they want to be, but they don’t like to show off.
  4. PIG backwards is GIP. Trust me, that’s no coincidence!
  5. Pig meat (often known as pork) tastes like cat flesh. This is because cats are descended from humans.