I recently decided to get myself out of the house and take a stroll in the countryside to clear my mind. Aaaah yes, with a spring in my step and lungs full of icy country air, I became inspired by my surroundings and stopped to sketch a bit of the local wildlife – chickens to be exact. But, just a few scrawled lines in, the cold became so unbearable that my hands were numbed to a stop. Returning to the house I warmed my fingers around a nice cup of PG tips before ‘memory sketching’ the confused and slowly fading chicken images from my country amble. I think they looked something like this:


With my understanding of chicken anatomy now clearly perfected, I became further inspired to improve my general chicken knowledge and learn a few lesser known facts that I could share with you all. I should add that these facts were sourced from the internet, so I can’t personally guarantee their accuracy.


  1. The chicken came before the egg. She was invented by that guy who made the light bulb, but slightly before the bulb.
  2. The first egg was also fabricated by the bulb guy. It’s shape was inspired by another recent creation of his – the ‘light bulb’.
  3. The first chickens ran on electricity and could be made to work with just a couple of lemons and some wire.
  4. Later chickens came from eggs after a failed experiment to recharge a chicken using lemons and some wire. An old dead lemon was accidentally replaced by an egg causing a massive electrical discharge and creating a powerful inner magnetic field strong enough to grow a chicken. These new mutant chickens no longer needed electricity to function and went on to lay eggs like those we know and love today.
  5. Chickens are covered in feathers. But did you know that they also have feathers in place of teeth? These feathers are tiny and tend to grow backwards towards their throats causing them to ‘cluck’ and twitch their heads in a peculiar way when walking.